PCW Trainings Worldwide

2019 Schedule

UK PCW Training

March 1 – 3 in Birmingham UK – Provocative Change Works for Health, Wealth and Happiness

See – https://aetherandalchemy.net/provocative-change-works-for-health-wealth-happiness-3-day-event/

June 22/23rd Birmingham UK – PCW for Therapy and Coaching

See https://aetherandalchemy.net/coaching-and-therapeutic-applications-of-pcw-with-nick-kemp/

USA PCW Training

I will be running a weekend in New York on PCW

E-mail Doug O Brien at Doug@ericksonian.com for details

Japanese PCW Trainings

There will be a PCW training in Japan Sept 2019,  e-mail info@nickkemp.com for details

European PCW trainings

PCW in Vienna 2019 – Contact ron@windauer.at

March 29 – 31

“Through the rabbit hole” – PCW in depth for client success

• Exploring 27 PCW stances and how to use them
• Deconstructing video sessions from Vienna 2018 session
• How to use ad integrate hypnosis in PCW
• Identifying “ingredients” in how problem states are created
• Exquisite Storytelling to easily shift client states
• Developing vocal skills
• How to improvise to assist the client and avoid the “physiotherapeutic dig”
• 1 – 1 sessions with Nick
• Working in “the here and now)

Attendance of previous live PCW sessions or on the PCW Dev platform is useful, but not essential in booking on this training. This 3-day training counts as a credit to full PCW practitioner certification

April 29 – 31

PCW “Show and tell” – How to get the best in coaching and therapy sessions

• Using client notes to identify problem states
• How to run a client session with PCW
• Time framing client sessions to assist with client change
• Exploring Frank Farrelly’s influence on creating PCW
• Putting it all together – incorporating all elements of PCW
• 1 – 1 sessions with Nick
• Full awareness and utilization of all 27 PCW stances
• Metaphorical elicitations and challenges to change client problem states

Attendance of previous live PCW sessions or on the PCW Dev platform is useful, but not essential in booking on this training. This 3-day training counts as a credit to full PCW practitioner certification

PCW in Moscow Oct 5 – 7th 2019

This will be the first PCW training in Moscow.

Book here – https://nlpspace.ru/provocative-change-nick-kemp

An Overview of the PCW Practitioner Training

provocative change worksThere are 3 levels of training to the Provocative Change Works practitioner. The completion of each level does not automatically qualify a student’s acceptance to train at the next more advanced level. Some students may repeat a level and of course some individuals may be perfectly happy to train only to level 1 or level 2 standards.

The practitioner course is the result of many years intense study of how best to use provocation in client sessions, two decades of exploring personal development approaches including hypnosis and NLP and insights from over thousands of hours of client sessions in my UK clinics. My aim with teaching the PCW practitioner is to equip other talk therapists with these PCW skills that work equally well in a therapeutic, coaching, business of personal development context.

Warm Regards

Nick Kemp


 Provocative Change Works  practitioner levels

Level 1 training is essentially an overview of the PCW process, level 2 focusses on more in depth skills development and level 3 focusses on working in a live client context. Level 3 attendees will be expected to complete a number of homework assignments prior to attending the level 3 group event.
A PCW practitioner will have completed levels 1 – 3 as well as maintaining suitable continued professional development. In some instances, the material for levels 1 – 3 may be taught on an individual as well as in a workshop group basis. All recognised PCW practitioners will be expected to comply with the PCW code of ethics.
A PCW practitioner is not qualified to teach PCW but has the requisite skills to work with clients. Revalidation for Practitioner level is every 3 years and practitioners will be expected to maintain their skills and understanding of the PCW process.


I am keen that there is a professional quality standard for this training process and attendees will be stretched with assignments as well as the actual group training. The following is an overview of the training structure with content bullet pointed. This is not a definitive indication of all the content that will be taught, but rather an indication of the key areas for levels 1 – 3 PCW training that are needed for a student to become a practitioner.

Then, Now, maybe_Level 1 Introduction and overview of concepts

As suggested this is the ground level first stage to PCW training.
This is what is included –
• Ability to use provocative stances and understand stance implications
• Awareness of core provocative exercises and ability to incorporate exercises   with icon cards
• Ability to demonstrate Voice Tempo Exercise
• Ability to adopt appropriate manner for client sessions
• Ability to demonstrate Arm Relaxation exercise
• Ability to use nonverbal skills to assist in changing states
• Ability to demonstrate the Integration of hypnosis and provocation elements with ease


Level 2 – Skill development

New Ways of thinkingThis second level focusses on developing skills and precision when working with clients.
Here there is more emphasis on state control and being able to work with greater fluidity.
This is what is included –
• Ability to improvise and grasp key improvisational skills in client sessions
• Creating l inductions using client metaphors
• Ability to use PCW spinning feelings to change client states
• Voice training and inflection skills
• Ability to identify and use language patterns to NLP Prac standard
• Ability to use suggestive predicates to direct client attention
• Ability to identify and explore metaphors in conversational language
• Advanced hypnosis awareness and usage of Ericksonian patterns
• Ability to create and record 5 minute hypnosis induction for specific client needs
• Ability to use all provocative stances with ease and understand the stance implications
• Identify drivers for behaviour and recognize problem patterns in clients
• Review an existing PCW client session on video and write up commentary detailing elements
  of PCW approach used during this session

Level 3 Therapeutic and Business applications

Like Talking To An Old FriendThis third level is for those who want to become practitioners and work with clients
in therapeutic and business contexts. A practitioner needs to be able to demonstrate
the skills in a context with clients as well as having an in depth understanding of the skills.
This is what is included
• Therapeutic and Business applications of PCW
• Structure client session from initial contact to follow up sessions
• Strategic thinking exercise
• Using Fractionation in client communication
• Demonstrate fluidity with all 3 aspects of PCW
• Provide  case studies of working with clients
• Ability to work with live client with supervision
• Ability to use stories/metaphors at advanced level
• Produce Feedback CD for client using client notes & session information

The PCW Code of Ethics

All PCW Practitioners are required to adhere to the following code of ethics –

1. Respect each person’s right to self-determination in deciding upon therapeutic treatments
2. Act at all times with integrity, professionalism and impartiality
3. Represent themselves, their qualifications, experience and membership of professional bodies honestly, and also (to the best of their knowledge) the skills, qualifications and experience of any third party to whom they refer any of their clients.
4. Only practice Provocative Change Works within the limits of their competency and to update skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis.
5. Present PCW as a professional and effective approach
6. Respect legitimate needs and requirements for confidentiality at all times
7. Ensure that clients’ expectations, and the basis on which they will be met, are understood by both parties
8. Act within the law and not encourage, assist, or collude with others engaged in unlawful conduct.
9. Represent PCW as an option rather than ‘a certain solution’ for any given problem.

Other PCW Trainings

As well as the full PCW Practitioner training, I offer the following additional Provocative Change Works trainings available on request

  • An introduction to Provocative Change Works – usually a one day or weekend training
  • PCW for Business – using PCW in a business context
  • PCW for Relationships – exploring PCW for better relationships in all areas of life, personal and professional – 3 day training

Please enquire via the contact form on this site 

Video from PCW Training

“All PCW events are filmed for archive purposes to help those interested in the PCW model to further discuss, refine and explore how best to use the PCW approach.

 No footage is ever released in the public domain without the express permission of the demo subjects

 Those demo subjects who agree for the footage to be used for the PCW Dev platform usually will be able to have a secure private link to review the footage themselves and or discuss it further with me

 Editing even basic video with a single camera is time consuming, so there is often a time delay in such editing as I run numerous events throughout the year in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia”


Nick Kemp

Creator of PCW Model