Theory is all well and good but, what about real sessions?

When I first started exploring personal change and especially NLP and hypnosis, I was blown away by a lot of the material. My first NLP course was a 7 day intensive that was terrific fun and highly entertaining. I was literally overwhelmed with information and although I learned a few useful pointers, it took many more training’s to consciously integrate the skills. The trainers endlessly promoted the benefits of “unconscious installation” but of course at some point its essential to have some conscious awareness of how to use these skills.

Almost two decades later and 13 years of seeing thousands of clients, I have a much better appreciation of what is useful in real life client sessions. In creating the PCW model I have literally started from the ground up in determining what is useful in real life and essentially getting rid of everything else. A few years ago I took my entire NLP/Hypnosis/ personal change library and put the whole lot in a series of plastic containers in the garage and that’s where they remain to this day!

The most useful material I have come across has been Frank Farrelly, Dave Dobson, Bill O Hanlon, Steve Andreas and Stephen Books. Early Bandler material (NLP Comprehensive tapes included) was great but later material is IMO really not that great. My good friend Andrew T Austin’s metaphor work is also a game changer and like all good authors and trainers its well presented. I’m increasingly being asked to recommend trainers and the list is very small.

If you intend to work with paying clients at an absolute minimum you need to know how to work conversationally with clients, an awareness of language patterns and how people create states, the ability to identify and deconstruct problem states, how to get and direct client attention (hypnosis), how to elicit and challenge client’s metaphorical descriptions and of course how to provoke new client thinking. This means real precision an excellent ability to watch and listen to what is happening in the actual session. Having seen thousands of clients I have only used 10% of what I was taught in NLP, but that’s a very useful 10%. Ninety percent was terrific theory, but not that useful. Some of the material is also well meant but from my experience pretty flawed.

In PCW trainings we focus on material that is road tested in actual client sessions and I’m constantly revising and upgrading what is useful, so every training is different. the model is constantly evolving and those on the PCW 1 – 1 Development platform are part of the research group that ensures we are always looking for how to improve and upgrade skills.

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