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One of the biggest challenges I had over a decade ago when I met Frank Farrelly, was to find good source material on provocative communication. The original book “Provocative Therapy” had been in print for a few decades, but aside from that there was very little material available to members of the public.

This meant that the only way to study provocative communication was to attend physical workshops and Frank Farrelly ran typically eight of these a year, usually in Europe. I started hosting Frank in the UK from 2005 and made a point of recording all his trainings as well as recording a great number of private discussions. When he passed away a few years ago I inherited the entire Provocative Therapy archive dating back to 1950s and we are in the process of transferring a lot of that into a digital format

With my own Provocative Change Works model I record all trainings on video and audio, for educational purposes. Some of the clips are used for online 1 – 1 and group study and some are used for Level 2 and 3 trainings. PCW is a multi dimensional approach, so aside from being a client in a session, the next best thing is to watch video or listen to audio. With this in mind I have now set up and launched the PCW online store HERE

The store will be a goldmine of material on DVD and CD as well as offering the possibility of 1 – 1 training by request. The first three physical products offered are

  • A Provocative Approach – A complete Frank Farrelly workshop from 2006. This showcases Frank talking in depth about Provocative Therapy as well as working with a wide range of client conditions. This is in my view the best available representation of Frank’s work on video. Its a great way to learn about Provocative Therapy and increase your own communication skills.
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  • The Art of Provocative Change Works. This extensive CD set is an entire PCW level 1 training from Austin Texas. It contains extensive discussion about PCW and contains a wide range of client sessions as well as some excellent Q and A about the model.  Its a great introduction to PCW and in my view will provoke some great new thinking about how to become a more flexible and precise communicator, whether you work in business, therapy, coaching or personal development
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  • The Complete Human Alchemy.  This CD collection contains all the hypnosis recordings I created under the “Human Alchemy” banner. Many of these language patterns are used in the PCW model. This set includes the bestselling “The Adventures of Well Being Now” described by Anglo American Books as

“This is a very interesting CD using hypnotic language techniques to take you on an adventure discovering deep relaxation as well as facilitating change. We are sent many CD’s and audio tapes from therapists for review, but it is truly unusual to come across a product that is as professional and effective as this offering from Nick Kemp. As well as being a useful tool it should be of great interest to those who wish to use the more complex language techniques inherited from Milton Erickson’s great work. Highly recommended. CD 64mins.”

Check out the store HERE

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