The Importance of Continual Professional Development

In recent years I have increasingly become aware of the importance of continual professional development. When I trained with Frank Farrelly I learned a huge amount in his workshops, but even more in our weekly exchanges by phone. This incremental and ongoing exposure really accelerated my skill level. Often Frank would talk about an aspect of his work and it was only later that the penny would truly drop and I got what he said! We spoke for hours and each year on average he would spend 3 – 4 weeks at my house where we could talk about his work and the developing model of PCW. This was a golden time for learning and also extremely intense!

The myth that you can have skills unconsciously installed or become a star overnight, is just that, a total myth.  When I first saw Frank Farrelly in 2004, there was a tiny audience. I started hosting him from 2005 and those who regularly came to his events really discovered the benefits. However, that was always a minority of individuals. Most people have neither the stamina or enthusiasm to put in the time. I have met countless coaches, trainers, and therapists who have amassed huge amounts of books and products, but in real life situations with clients simply miss the obvious when working with clients. That’s probably why there are so few really effective individuals working in this sector.







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