The PCW 1 – 1 Development Platform

I set up the PCW Development Programme for those people wanting to learn about the PCW model in depth and/or maintain continual professional development with PCW. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the model on a 1 – 1 basis directly from myself. A lot of the shared material is not typically taught in workshops and students have the opportunity to have uninterrupted time with me to ask what is most useful to yourself. This would of course not be possible in a workshop situation.

Joining the platform is by application only and I recommend two one hour sessions each month to get the best results. This is literally an international platform, but due to my own time constraints limited to a small group only. Members of the platform also get access to a specific social media platform while booking monthly sessions.

The PCW 1:1 Development will allow you to:

  • Be better skilled with clients
  • Work in a more precise way
  • Work in a more time-effective manner

With PCW 1:1 Development you have the opportunity to be a student as well as studying the provocative process.

We will agree one, two or three 1 hour, 1:1 Skype sessions for this to take place. Ideally, these will be a month apart. I suggest you record the sessions at your end to be able to review in between sessions.

Specifically, PCW 1:1 Development includes:

  • How to adopt and utilize provocative stances for conversational change
  • The Frank Farrelly frame of “as if talking to an old friend”
  • The use of sensory rich language to engage and stimulate client change
  • Creating a feedback loop in client sessions
  • How to use a set of client notes in coaching and therapy

Service by application only. Contact me at to apply