Provocative Therapy origins and new PCW training opportunities

Lighting the fuse from Provocative Therapy to creating PCW

When I first saw Frank Farrelly working in 2004, I was mystified by his Provocative Therapy approach. As well as being mystified, I was also intrigued! At that time the only study material available was the original Provocative Therapy book. There were no CDs, DVDs or any other materials. Frank also only did a small number of workshops and most of these were in Europe.

I started hosting Frank in 2005 and that workshop was recorded on DVD along with his 2006 workshop. We also recorded all the other workshops until Frank’s passing. Although I learned a great deal from these trainings, I learned even more from our many regular conversations by phone. We would talk every few weeks and on Frank’s recommendation, many of these conversations were recorded. Frank always insisted on the value of practice and I discovered just how right he was about this.

I often get people asking me about Frank’s work and learning PCW and expecting they can attend a few day’s training and then become “qualified” What they don’t appreciate is that without regular continual professional development, their skill level will always be limited.

The PCW 1 – 1 Development Platform

I set up the PCW 1 – 1 Dev platform to replicate how I learned from Frank. The difference is that now we have the benefit of visual communication via Skype. The core students on the platform book a couple of hours each month, which interestingly is the same time allocation I invested in my time with Frank. Its obvious to me that this is the best way to maintain developing student skills and I’m greatly impressed by how well the regulars on the platform are doing. To date, students on this platform are from the UK, parts of Europe and the USA. I limit the numbers on this platform and to maintain a place each student needs to book time each month.

PCW Intensive training

In 2018 I’ll be running an intensive PCW training in New York as well as the UK. The New York training will be next month – and the UK one will be June 22 – 24th in Birmingham. These will be for small groups only with a focus on learning the core PCW skills. No previous PCW or Provocative Therapy experience is needed but be mindful, these are intensive trainings and we’ll cover many aspects of the PCW model in depth with lots of interaction. We’ll also be exploring more of how PCW uses client metaphors and PCW stances in client sessions. I’m really excited by how the model is developing and looking forward to teaching these events

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