PCW Masterclasses in Birmingham

We just completed the first two Masterclasses in Birmingham, Anxiety masterclass and business masterclass. These are more in depth training events where we focus in detail on a single subject. Its great to have the opportunity to explore these subjects with a group that is interested in learning. I have done a lot of exploration of both of these subjects and its a real pleasure to share everything I have discovered using the PCW model. The PCW model pays attention to “process” so although the subjects of anxiety and business may seem very different there are patterns that are common with both subjects and as always with PCW we look at those variable factors that make the most useful changes. I’m increasingly interested in exploring “process” and avoiding getting too stuck in simply analyzing content. Special thanks to Pete Dalton who is now the UK promoter for PCW. This was an excellent group and it was great to have Kurumi travel in from Japan to attend. Thanks to everyone who came and Joseph Kao, Sue and Des Howden who helped keep things on track

This is the second training we have run in Birmingham this year to date and I will be back March 1 – 3 to unveil some new PCW UK trainings. These events will be for a small group only as the focus is on skills development and places will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

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