PCW Master Classes start this Sept 1st in the UK

To date, I have spent approaching 8000 hours working with clients using the PCW model dealing with a wide range of client issues. This “fly time” has taught me a massive amount about many specific issues and to date, I have touched on this in workshops but never spent an entire day dealing with any one issue.

From Sept 1st, 2019 I will be running a series of Masterclasses sharing insights about what I do when working with clients but have not taught to date. These events will run 10 – 6 pm are designed for those wanting to develop skills when working with clients. We will be exploring the differences between different problem states and more crucially how to empower the clients to resolve such problems.

These trainings will be for small groups only. The first one will be Sept 1st in Birmingham UK. Full details and booking option can be fid HERE

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