PCW Evolution

I’m in the middle of doing a big evaluation on Provocative Change Works in terms of both the model and how we expand public awareness. Next year I will be looking at additional countries for hosting as well as the regular ones. The PCW Development platform is also providing invaluable in refining and evolving the model. The regular students on that platform are all doing great.

I’m increasingly of the view that working conversationally is a key ingredient in working successfully with clients. I have often talked about connecting to the human being rather than simply running a series of techniques and/or focusing on past events to “break though” . Everything I have done to date suggests that the psycho education or conversational change is at the heart of PCW.

This requires human expression which in turn means having a good sense of humour but crucially not trying to be comedic. My good friend Andrew Austin once said “Never trust any approach that has no place for humour” and this is why some language approaches which rigidly revolve simply around asking the same questions in a humorless academic fashion are the antithesis of PCW.

I think its important to constantly question and refine any approach and to keep things simple rather than bathe in endless analysis. I’m happy to people to do research and studies but my view is that real life client results are what truly matters. In two weeks time we’ll be sharing my latest thoughts on developing PCW and how I continue to come to the same core conclusions about what is most useful with this approach.

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