PCW Events – Official site and social media

This is the official site for Provocative Change Works.

The official FB for Provocative Change Works is https://www.facebook.com/Provocativechange/

In 2017 I will be running Provocative Change Works trainings in Japan, USA and Europe. The full details will be advertised on this site and the official FB page. We already have proposed dates for Holland, Japan, UK and the USA.

I’m keen to maintain the integrity of PCW, so if you have any questions about PCW trainings or standards, please contact me directly.

In 2017 I will also be running some niche PCW trainings, which will also be announced on these mediums.

I’m keen that PCW doesn’t go the way of many other approaches including NLP where people essentially all too often attend courses to collect certificates and there becomes what I consider to be an unhealthy obsession with status.  Instead Provocative Change Works will always be skills based learning. There will be no grandiose titles. Trainings will be at a sensible size with a focus on learning. Good manners will always be encouraged and welcomed.

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