An Opportunity to learn PCW 1 – 1 with Nick Kemp

I am currently expanding the PCW 1 – 1 Development programme. Earlier this year I decided to create a 1 – 1 platform for people who are interested in learning Provocative Change Works in greater depth. The PCW Practitioner is and always will be based around live training, but even though its pretty comprehensive as a training, its important to maintain continual professional development and this is one of the many functions of this platform.

To apply to the platform e-mail me at I limit the number of people on this platform to a small group and typically I would expect Skype sessions to be at least twice a month to get the best results. To date this has worked extremely well and those attending have had access to material that is not in the public domain. Crucially most on the platform are practitioners and therapists who are regularly seeing clients. This is very useful in discussing the different types of client condition and how PCW can be used to best effect.

My plan is to invite members form this group to more advanced PCW trainings and ultimately I will be looking at creating other trainers for PCW so the model can be better communicated globally. These are exciting times for PCW and I already have live trainings confirmed for New York, Austin Texas, Geneva and Hiroshima in 2018 with other dates yet to be confirmed.

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