Online Training with Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp Before Frank Farrelly passed he talked about the possibility of creating an online training facility. I am pleased to announce that this is now possible as a pilot. I have already tested the online platform with my own PCW work and am satisfied that the software is stable enough to begin a specific Provocative Therapy study group. I have run a number of these with great success with students all over the world exploring the Provocative Change Works model.

Online Training Programme

This course will run on a month by month period. Each month subscribers will receive a link to video of a provocative  session to study. At the end of each month at a prearranged time the group will meet as a whole to discuss our collective findings. I am fortunate to have the Frank Farrelly archive dating back to 1960s which contains reams of unreleased material in video, audio and article format. If this pilot is successful we will extend this initiative and explore additional study mediums including live training opportunities.
Members of the study group will explore the following
•How provocation is used to change client beliefs
•The nature and application of provocative stances
•Non verbal language in client sessions
•The use of metaphors and storytelling to assist with client change
To request a place on this unique Provocative training course please e-mail stating previous experience in Provocative therapy and/or interest in this approach. Please note that I only run these trainings on an occasional basis and completing an online training is of course not the same as a full Provocative Change Works certification. The training is open to both people who have done live trainings with me and/or as a useful addition to such trainings. Its a terrific way to explore the PCW model, literally on a global basis.

PCW SkypePCW 1 – 1 by Skype

As well as running group online PCW programmes, I run 1 – 1 PCW Skype sessions on request

I also offer Skype sessions for clients who through geographical or other reasons are not able see me in person. Over the years this has worked surprisingly well and I have worked with clients in Asia, USA and Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. We agree a time and date in advance and as with live sessions I always require the completion and return of a full set of client notes. Usually we will book either a one hour or 90 minute session for this and this can be used in one hit or split over different time slots. Please make sure that you give me your Skype address in advance and you have a good broadband connection at your end.

Skype sessions are priced at £125 per hour and paid in advance of the live session
My Skype account: provocativechangeworks