The Latest Developments in PCW in 2018

Provocative Change Works was originally inspired by Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy but is very different as a model. The core 27 PCW stances are tools to conversationally stimulate new ways of thinking, but that’s just one of many elements used by a PCW practitioner.

In recent years I have developed the hypnotic and metaphorical aspects of PCW and now in 2018, the material is very different to just a few years ago. Andrew T Austin’s Metaphors of Movement was a great inspiration for developing the PCW elicitation and challenging that now occurs in client sessions. Interestingly Andy and I have come to the same conclusions about what works best in client sessions but via very different routes.  We both first met in 2014 when we attended a Frank Farrelly four day training in the UK. That workshop lit the fuse for me creating the whole PCW model.

This year I am running workshops in the UK, USA, Asia and Europe. We’ll be spending some time on metaphorical elicitations and challenges. By “elicitation” I mean the asking of a series of questions that provides the practitioner with sensory information about the client’s model of the world. These questions include

“What is this like right now?”

The question, of course, presupposes that “it’s like something” and this question is framed in the here and now. Even one second later is a different now. The practitioner then uses combinations of PCW stances to challenge to client’s response. Here’s one example –

Q “What is this like right now?”

A “Its like been stuck in the mud”

Possible stance based replies

“Wow! Like being stuck in the mud?” (Surprise stance)

“What colour is the mud?” (Detail stance)

What does your mum think about this?” (relationship stance)

This is one of many examples. In the latest PCW trainings, we explore a range of metaphorical explorations and challenges, each of which creates a very different dynamic. This is all done conversationally, so from the outside, it looks like a simple exchange between two friends…


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