Future certifications and explorations for Provocative Change Works

To date, I have run a variety of different PCW trainings including the PCW practitioner, which started in Japan a number of years ago. I have now taught PCW in 13 different countries and I’m planning how to best develop the PCW model.

In 2019 I intend to start running an advanced PCW practitioner, which will explore the model in more detail with further emphasis on how to work conversationally with specific client issues. I’m also interested in exploring the structure of different client problems like anxiety and depression and “the ingredients” that are prerequisites for these conditions to exist.  There will also be more exploration of metaphor elicitation and challenge using the PCW stances and how to incorporate multiple stances for specific problems.

Advanced PCW practitioners who reach a suitable level will then be able to run level 1 PCW training, teaching the core principals of the PCW model.  This means we can reach more people and it allows me to focus on the more advanced material. There is no rush for this and priority is always given to those on the PCW development platform who book fortnightly for 1 – 1 discussions. This platform has been excellent in ensuring we continue to refine and develop the model. As well as creating advanced practitioners to train level 1 PCW, I’m interested in developing specialists who use PCW for specific client issues.

I’ll be discussing more of these developments on the PCW Dev platform and in the 2018 PCW trainings.

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