First month of the PCW 1 – 1 Development group

I have been running the PCW 1 – 1 development group now for the first month and its already proving to be an excellent initiative and has surpassed my expectations. I’m pleased that its also international across a number of countries and time zones around the world.

The purpose of this platform is to allow those people who really want to develop their skills to have regular 1 – 1 access to myself in a way where they can get bespoke coaching. This is exactly how I learned from Frank Farrelly and this is a very different dynamic to the other platforms. Those on this initiative and mostly practitioners who are seeing clients and/or trainers who want to have access to my knowledge base. I anticipate that at least some of this group will go on to train in what will be the advanced PCW practitioner and then ultimately be invited to a trainer’s platform. I’m keen that PCW does not go in the same direction as NLP where often people become certificate hunters and only end up with surface knowledge without any professional continual professional development. This will therefore not be for everyone and not everyone who applies will be accepted.

The PCW model is in a constant state of revision and refinement. To date I have taught the formal PCW practitioner to different groups around the world with the greatest interest being in Japan. The 10 day training gives a good solid opportunity to learn PCW, but there is so much more that has not been taught to date in public trainings for a variety of reasons. Those already on the development programme are asking really high quality questions that are mostly at a greater depth than those asked in group trainings. This is very reassuring in terms of the development of PCW and the customized nature of this platform means we will be able to create PCW specialists around the world. Its early days, but so far I am encouraged by what I see and hear.

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