Live Training

Live and online PCW trainings

Most Provocative Change Works trainings are hosted by third party training concerns.

Please see list below and e-mail for updates

PCW Practitioner for 2017 in the UK now announced HERE

PCW Level 1 training in Austria in June, go HERE

PCW in Japan July 2017 – e-mail info@nickkemp,com for details

USA PCW trainings in Austin Texas this Sept, go HERE

For PCW 1 – 1 Development programme and private tuition, e-mail


PCW around the Globe

Each year Provocative Change Works is taught in increasingly more countries. Special thanks to all those hosts who have assisted in making this possible. Here are some of the many photos from over the years showing how more and more people are discovering this unique model of communication.  The workshops are highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to explore the many aspects of PCW. They are also a tremendous amount of fun to attend which is why many attendees return for repeat experience!

provocative change works trainingPCW IndiaPCW Austria