Developing the PCW Model

I first started creating the PCW model back in 2006 and a lot has happened since then. Initially the model was a version of Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy, but in subsequent years it has become so much more. There is still a core element of provocation in the model, but now the trace work, metaphorical elicitation’s/challenges and time framing have produced a radically different way of working.

Frank Farrelly was keen to see PCW developed and as far as I know I’m the only Provocative Therapy trainer who has Frank himself giving video commentary on my sessions released as a product available to wider public (Provocative Change Works for Phobias) in the UK. I hear of other recordings further afield, but there is still a long way to go to get Frank’s work out to the greater public. I’m working on transferring much of his archive into digital format to help with this task.

The PCW Development Platform

The PCW Development Platform has been running for two years now and has proved central to developing the model. When I set this up, I had no idea of how it would pan out and who would be interested. Those who have stuck with monthly interactions have greatly improved their skill level, way beyond my expectations. Of course this is how I first learned from Frank, telephone calls twice a month as well as live training. The regular interactions allowed me to maintain essential CPD and allowed me to really integrate the skills.

Practice and integration

I have come to realize that in the world of personal change, IMO only 10% of students really want to learn and develop skills. I have recently blogged on the dreadful trend of “boutique” and accelerated personal change courses offering multiple certifications. I have yet to see any evidence of such events producing coaches and/or therapists with any degree of skills. Worse still those flogging such events seem to be quite shameless in their promises to the public and the “accreditation” and certification bodies stand by fail to promote any quality control.

In contrast my view is that genuine learning requires ongoing professional development and integration of skills. I’ve been involved in personal change for forty years and teach PCW across 14 countries. Developing any skill requires serious commitment. Only 10% at best of students have the stamina and motivation for this and those are the ones that usually become quite exceptional.

PCW across the globe

In March I ran PCW trainings in Birmingham UK, New York USA and Vienna. Three workshops in five weeks is quite a stretch even more more. Nest up is another training in Birmingham UK this June and then later in the year I am presenting at a major medical conference in Japan as well as running a training there. After that I’ll be in Moscow for the first time and then back in New York

Special thanks to all the PCW hosts around the world and all those who continue to support developing the PCW model. I see this development as “open source” where we collectively discover how the model can be used to help people.

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