Developing PCW Practitioner skills

When I first started teaching the PCW model in Japan, the students asked about creating a PCW practitioner training. I was reluctant at first after seeing all the crazy status seeking in the world of NLP, but decided to proceed as long as there was no rubber stamp process, so common in other personal change approaches.

To date I have run level, 1, 2 and 3 training’s, which were quite structured. These days I have incorporated a great deal of the advanced material into shorter trainings, BUT all attendees still need a suitable amount of “fly time” to really understand and utilize the skills. I’m teaching the whole model from the outset and people find their own level. The core elements of PCW remain the same, but the model has greatly expanded in recent years.

The 1 – 1 PCW Development Platform has also been superb in maintaining continual professional development and there are now many excellent students worldwide. The most skilled ones have integrated live trainings and 1 – 1 skills. Hilariously I sometimes still get people believe they can learn the whole model in a few days, but Frank Farrelly experienced the same problem with his work. The first Provocative Therapy training I attended in 2004 was described as a “Master Class” much to Frank’s annoyance! I learned a massive amount from Frank and a lot of it was in our 1 – 1 exchanges. His Provocative Therapy work was a big influence on creating PCW, but PCW is more multi layered.

This year I’ll be signing off some more PCW practitioners globally and I’m looking to see “the manner” of the individual as well as their understanding and skill level in working with others. These are the three key ingredients and all three are crucial to be a PCW practitioner. I’m also keen that people continue to develop skills and develop thinking. The PCW model is all about exploration and development and using our collective experience to learn how to

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