PCW Masterclasses in Birmingham

We just completed the first two Masterclasses in Birmingham, Anxiety masterclass and business masterclass. These are more in depth training events where we focus in detail on a single subject. Its great to have the opportunity to explore these subjects with a group that is interested in learning. I have done a lot of exploration […]

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The New UK PCW Promoter

I have just appointed Pete Dalton as the official PCW training promoter for the UK, see http://aetherandalchemy.net/about/ We will be announcing new PCW trainings for September and November in the UK based in Birmingham which has proved to be the best location for UK workshops. We just completed an excellent 3 day PCW intensive and will […]

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The Importance of Continual Professional Development

In recent years I have increasingly become aware of the importance of continual professional development. When I trained with Frank Farrelly I learned a huge amount in his workshops, but even more in our weekly exchanges by phone. This incremental and ongoing exposure really accelerated my skill level. Often Frank would talk about an aspect […]

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Two great new workshops in the UK coming soon!

I am delighted to announce two great new PCW workshops in the UK in forthcoming months Firstly, London this April – http://alanwhitton.co.uk/provocative-change-works-intensive-workshop-28th-29th-april-2018/  which is a two-day intensive weekend Then  a great 3 day intensive with different material in Birmingham this June See http://aetherandalchemy.net/provocative-change-works-pcw-uk-intensive-2018/ These are the ONLY UK 2018 scheduled PCW trainings and attendance of both […]

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The Latest Developments in PCW in 2018

Provocative Change Works was originally inspired by Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy but is very different as a model. The core 27 PCW stances are tools to conversationally stimulate new ways of thinking, but that’s just one of many elements used by a PCW practitioner. In recent years I have developed the hypnotic and metaphorical aspects […]

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Transcript from a Demo Hypnotic Session using PCW

Nick Kemp – Provocative Change Works Transcript of a Demo Hypnotic Session Budapest 2014 Nick had worked with her in a provocative and humorous way as a precursor to this part of the session.  The intention of this transcript is to have a visual reference for the questions and structure of the hypnotic ending portion […]

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