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Welcome to Provocative Change Works


Provocative Change Works around the globe

This is the official site for Provocative Change Works. Here you can find articles, videos, products and trainings relating to PCW. This model was first created in 2006 and is in a constant state of development. To date, there is a full 10-day official practitioner training for those interested in the full potential of this model of communication. This Provocative Change Works model works equally well in coaching, business, therapeutic and personal development. PCW was inspired by my old friend and mentor Frank Farrelly whose “Provocative Therapy” was a primary influence on creating PCW. For further information on Frank Farrelly’s original Provocative Therapy see www.provocativetherapy.com.

Here’s a glimpse into the world of PCW from a recent class in Austin USA. As you can see it is a dynamic approach that is very different to other communication models.

Below is another video showing some of the feedback from Nick Kemp’s international PCW  training As you can see the PCW model is being taught in an ever-increasing number of countries including, Japan, India, USA, Poland, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Austria, UK and Hungary. Nick exclusively uses PCW in private practice in his UK clinics. Go to www.nickkemptherapy.com to learn more about how PCW is used in therapy and coaching contexts.



Nick Kemp

Please use the contact page to enquire about Provocative Change Works training opportunities and new PCW products. You will also find PCW on Facebook and YouTube. For Nick Kemp’s other trainings see http://www.nickkemptraining.com




Nick Kemp
Creator of PCW

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